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Today I’m sharing a few favorite wedding details- I’ll be going over ring boxes, shoes, engagement session dresses & vow books (with both splurge and save options for each)! This was fun to put together and I hope for it to be helpful for any brides-to-be! I get so giddy over wedding details- they’re so fun! There are so many different wedding details but I thought I would start with a few…maybe I can do a part 2 in the future?!

1. Shoes

Let’s start with shoes! This was my most recent purchase and I’m so happy with my choice! I originally went with a very cheap pair but they hurt terribly, even when I only wore them for 10 minutes for dress fittings… I knew they would kill my feet! After we decided to postpone, I chose to splurge on some that I truly loved, & I’m so glad I did! They’re from Bella Belle (who is known for their beautiful and comfortable wedding shoes)- check out their website or Instagram and you will be in awe of the detail…. they’re all handmade & just gorgeous. I tried them on and could not even believe how comfortable they were…all the reviews rave about the comfort even after 10 hours! A more affordable option is BHLDN – they have many options and are so pretty!

Here are a few that I loved from Bella Belle but didn’t go with (photos from their website) & then a couple of affordable options from BHLDN:

SPLURGE – Photos from Bella Belle:

Bella Belle Shoes

Bella Belle Shoes

SAVE – Photos from BHLDN found here & here:


2. Ring Boxes

One of my favorite wedding details! Ty got me a Mrs. Box from when he proposed- its a beautiful soft blush pink (my favorite color). I just imagine my grandchildren seeing my ring in that beautiful box someday and it brings me joy! I’m super sentimental so I’m always thinking about heirloom pieces, and this is one of them! They’re a little pricy but the quality is amazing and I truly think it’s worth the splurge. There are cheaper options on Etsy that are beautiful too that I have purchased for my styling kit for weddings! Treat yourself to one or hint it to your fiance as a gift option!

SPLURGE – (photos from Mrs. Box IG)

SAVE – Photo below from Etsy found here

3. Engagement Photo Dresses

Your engagement photos are SO special! Don’t be afraid to dress up for it! The dress I wore for my engagement photos was from Needle and Thread. I had so many people ask me where it was from so I wanted to include this in the blog! It’s probably my favorite dress I own, and the detail to the dresses is breathtaking! They’re a bit pricey so hunt on eBay or Poshmark! Another great place to look for an engagement dress that’s an affordable option is Morning Lavender! I have a dress from Morning Lavender that I adore & will likely wear for my next photo session with Ty!

SPLURGE – Dresses from Needle & Thread (photos from website):

Photo below taken by Rach Loves Troy –  from my engagement session!

SAVE – Dresses below from Morning Lavender found here & here:


4. Vow Books

Don’t forget to get beautiful vow books! What a precious heirloom- and there are plenty of affordable options for this one! The best place to grab one is on Etsy! There are tons of beautiful options and I have rounded some up below! You can typically choose the color ribbon- which is fun so you can match your wedding colors! I also adore the velvet ones!

SAVE – (vow book found here)

SPLURGE – (vow books found here):






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  1. Debra says:

    The mini floral needle and thread dress is so cute. I haven’t seen that before. Love!

  2. Lori says:

    Love the vow books. Something new to me – very meaningful.



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